Comic 220 - Apparent Differences

18th Apr 2011, 12:07 AM
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From now on, a standing offer: points for every reference you can name.

I say:

Jrade 18th Apr 2011, 12:07 AM edit delete
Yep, there's a thing. You know, what're they called...comic. Yeah, a comic.

Now I need to go work on another one...which was apparently due earlier tonight...eep!

I'll get there!


People say:

Silver Streak 18th Apr 2011, 9:41 AM edit delete reply
Silver Streak
Actually it was due like a week ago so... ^.~

But thank you! It looks great!

Oh and this is funny too! :^P
mathias42 19th Apr 2011, 6:25 AM edit delete reply
"Really officer, the thicking's just an alarm clock! I have an appointment I can't possibly miss!"
DerrickMichael5 19th Apr 2011, 12:18 PM edit delete reply
This happened to me once in a dollar store
When I was really young, I accidentally brought my Coke in the store. I thought it would be all good if I just walked around holding it inside of my jacket
Apparently, not to their drunken store manager!


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