Comic 29 - 'The Rebels' Preview

30th Oct 2010, 4:38 PM
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From now on, a standing offer: points for every reference you can name.

I say:

Jrade 30th Oct 2010, 4:38 PM edit delete
I wanted to show this to people - a single frame from a webcomic I hope to pull together fairly soon - The Rebels.

I'm a bit of a weapon aficionado, and a marksman, and I decided to make one as much about the weapons as the characters that use them (or the enemies they're used against!), in Rebels, all the weapons will get their own little intro screen, as above. It'll have the name, designation, and a (hopefully) witty catchline.

I'm doing it in Garry's Mod, so I'll give credit where it's due for model creation. This wepon is from Kermite's Snipers Pack, and the character is from xzeox - although it was severely re-skinned by me.

What do you think - both of the concept, and the frame above?

For those of you here hoping for a not-overly-well-drawn and not-necessarily-all-that-funny comic...well, as I said, this is where I put stuff that doesn't fit. Right now this fits nowhere else.


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