Comic 318 - Personification - 1 - Anxiety Incoming

2nd Aug 2011, 2:37 AM
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From now on, a standing offer: points for every reference you can name.

I say:

Jrade 2nd Aug 2011, 2:37 AM edit delete
Well, it's story arc time! This will be...well, maybe funny, maybe not funny. I've had the idea for a while, and decided to finally get it done. Not sure how long it'll run, but I know what it'll do, so...yep.

I am leaving for a wedding in Winnipeg on Wedesday. Woohoot. I will do my best to have updates for the duration.


People say:

Silver Streak 2nd Aug 2011, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
Silver Streak
*huggles* they cure anxiety! True Story!
AvitalzCartoonz 14th Aug 2011, 1:23 AM edit delete reply
LOL, so true.
And I think anxiety looks a bit much like Slenderman. GAH


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