Comic 48 - Gordon Freeman: Eigensoldier

18th Nov 2010, 4:59 PM
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From now on, a standing offer: points for every reference you can name.

I say:

Jrade 18th Nov 2010, 4:59 PM edit delete
I remembered the graphic today, and shittily-hand-drawn-week continues. Remember that strip that I promised you two days ago, which I said would be longer and more developed and everything? Yeah, I may have time to get that done tomorrow. If not, Saturday. If not, Sunday. Sorry.

I'm pretty upset right now: I somehow broke a USB flashdrive which had all of Beta Particles on it, as well as a piece of fanart I'd been working on for about thirty hours. I also managed to spin my SUV in the rain yesterday, through a puddle, into a curb, removing the rear right tire from the rim.

Karma is setting me up well for my midterm tomorrow...


People say:

MatthewJA 18th Nov 2010, 5:10 PM edit delete reply
Wow, that sounds terrible.
You should keep backups, like, a lot of backups.
MatthewJA 19th Nov 2010, 7:23 PM edit delete reply
Hey, maybe the drive is rescuable. I once ran a drive as a circuit board, but it only worked when I held my thumb on it. Or maybe you scratched the terminals.
Jrade 19th Nov 2010, 8:43 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, I tried a fair a mount of repositioning and "Artful Reshaping" (read: brute force bending) to fix it, to no avail. I'm going to strip it to components and rebuild it from the ground up...if that doesn't work, I'll just have to re-make everything.

With everything else, I'm super-paranoid and back everything up a bunch of places. For instance: All of my stories are on three computers, two external hard drives, three USB flashdrives, and two websites each.

Ironically, I was thinking the last time I used the drive, "oh, man...I should back this up onto my hard drive". I promptly forgot, and karma never resists the opportunity to kick me in the balls when I'm not looking.
DerrickMichael5 7th Dec 2010, 12:30 AM edit delete reply
The flash drive thing always happens to me
And it took all of my webcomics too
It has been promptly shut down since
And now I use Dropbox for everything important


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