Comic 87 - Classy porn

20th Dec 2010, 7:19 PM
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From now on, a standing offer: points for every reference you can name.

I say:

Jrade 20th Dec 2010, 7:19 PM edit delete
Alternate titles:

Bone with the Wind, Shaving Ryan's Privates, Indiana Bones (sure there's one here), Star Whores: Attack of the Bones, etcetera etcetera.

I could go on, but I'm nauseating myself a little bit.

Well, Matthew, you needn't wait any longer. BP updated.

There, I mentioned you in the author comment, now will you like me and let me in your cool-guy club?



People say:

MatthewJA 20th Dec 2010, 7:24 PM edit delete reply
I have a cool guy club?
Jrade 20th Dec 2010, 7:30 PM edit delete reply
(non-committal unknowing grunt)

You could, I mean, I don't stalk you constantly or anything.

After all, I do have to eat, occasionally.
MatthewJA 20th Dec 2010, 7:57 PM edit delete reply
So what are you talking about?
Jrade 20th Dec 2010, 8:55 PM edit delete reply
Mainly to my stupidity and lack of observation, leading to my exclusion from Telosa...

...but I'll get in on the next one - assuming I remember to check my messages...
-3- 27th Dec 2010, 3:46 AM edit delete reply
On the softcore front, try Alabama Jones and The Busty Crusade.


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