This page left intentionally blank.


At least, insofar as fanciness goes, and that's to denote the difference between this area and the rest of Beta Particles.


This is an explanation of why Beta Particles is the way it is, for those who may want to criticize me.


I'm going to start by saying I don't know how you feel about my comic.


I haven't caught any flak yet about my drawing style, or my style of humour, but I suspect that I could. On the art front, I know that there are people out there who do not like crude art, or stick art, or any of that general area of style. I must admit, there are a lot of comics like that, and I'm not trying to say that mine is any different.


Right now, I am working on five other comics. One in full colour, two in black and white with accent colours, one done in a modelling program of sorts, and one "refined" stick man type comic. Also, there's University and other constraints, but that's not what this is about. This is about the comics, specifically this comic.


Right now, this is the only one that I'm publishing, because the other ones matter so much to me that I need to ensure that everything goes as well as it can. That entails making a buffer of comics, and an even larger buffer of story, for each.


As I'm coming up with these stories, everything that happens sparks another idea in the den of madness I refer to as my mind. Beta Particles are those sparks.


It's not that I can't draw well, and it's not even that I never will for BP, it's just that I don't want to feel obligated to come up with a refined, fully done comic every time I want to post something. I want to be able to just let whatever comes out come out.


Maybe you don't agree with this. Maybe you think I'm lazy. Maybe you think I'm cheating. I don't know what you think.


You need to tell me.


I welcome criticism, and I welcome praise. I welcome suggestions, as well as suggestions against.


If you have something to say, say it.


The projects I mentioned earlier will, with any luck, be published here before too  long.


In the meantime, if Beta Particles seems funny, or enjoyable, or poignant, or in any way attractive to you, I invite you to follow along. I can almost guarantee that I won't run out of ideas, so as long as people keep looking, I'll do my level best to keep updating.


Thank you for your time.



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