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Wisdom Teeth
by Jrade

On Thursday, March 10, 2011,  at 12:40, my wisdom teeth were surgically removed.




...because they could, basically. I went for the consultation last June, prior to leaving to train for my pilot's license, at which point they said I should have my wisdom teeth removed prematurely as a precautionary measure. Essentially, something may have eventually gone wrong with one or more of my teeth, and so, they cut open my face and stole them!


I probably should have prefaced this with the fact that it may not be copiously sensical...I am, after all, nutrient- and sleep-deprived, and also on various medications: Percocet, Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen, and Apo-Minocycline. My brain has had a tendency to phase out a bit during the past few days...but it should be over soon! Apparently the third day is meant to be the most difficult, so...it's downhill from here?


You don't really realize what position you keep your jaw in, though, until you start thnking about it. It's like thinking about your breathing: as soon as you begin, it ceases being able to be an autonomic process...which is slightly frustrating.


I didn't really have a purpose when I started this particular post, nor much in the way of ability to maintain much direction with my exposition...in fact, I cannot really remember what I've typed so far. I know I explained the stuation, said something about the drugs...did I mention the pain? It hurts, though not too super terribly, not with the Percocet - but swallowing hurts. That's weird. Also, I can't open my mouth very wide, or frown, or smile, or stuff like that...


I'm not certain why I'm saying this...giving opthers an opportunity to understand me, perhaps? Maybe some people want to...


...I don't know. Maybe people want to do all kinds of things, I don't know. I don't know people.


I think my rambling, and the fact that my eyes just de-focussed for a minute or two and I had to type from my memory of where the keys are situated, means that I should try to go lie down.


So...goodnight everybody, sorry to three of you (Two for one reason, on for another. However, that second may actually end up as a positive aspect, so...), and to all, try to avoid situations where people will steal parts of you just because they may fail...everything may fail, one day I may get fatal eye cancer - but I don't see anybody stealing my eyes! That said, if they did, I wouldn't see that either, so...



by Jrade

This is going to be different from the last - not an outpouring of well-placed bitterness, but rather a more eloquent externalisation of thought on one subject in particular.




I recently had a strip about darkness, and people's fear of it. This got me thinking about how I think; what my feelings are regarding the all-encloaking veil of shadow. People are afraid of it - afraid of the unknown of the darkness, afraid of what might lurk there; never considering that the shadows and the dark might contain something beautiful. In the darkness, people see their minds. All of their paranoia and cowardice, personified by the amorphous, ambiguous dark.

People fear the dark because they fear what could be hiding. People fear the dark because they fear other people. People fear the dark, first and foremost, because they fear themselves. They don't know what's in the darkness and thus they fill it with preying horrors unknown, lurking denizens of some hellish domain heretofore unknown...




Why would people, given complete emptiness - the total lack of anything - automatically infuse it with evil and hatred?

The fact that We (humans) as a society replace any unknown with evil-intending devilspawn is almost historical fact. How many wars, how many 'pre-emptive strikes', how many conquests and crusades must be wrought to pound through our thick human skulls the reality of that fact? Why do people replace the unknown with evil?

...because it is evil which dwells within us. A bad man will look at other men and see bad men; whereas a naive good-natured man will see equally well-intended people all around him. It's been said that artists depict what they know - I say then that a person looking into the darkness sees what they know.

They see themselves.


If what you see in the darkness scares you, perhaps it's not into the light you should be looking for a solution.

When you assume, you're just a whiny little bitch.
by Jrade

Disclaimer: this will be filled with vitriol, and harsh language.


If either of these things will make you whine like a little bitch, you should have stopped reading one sentence ago.


"When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me."


What the hell is that supposed to mean? People make millions of assumptions every single day with no ill effects - when you wake up, you assume that nobody has released poisonous gases in your room, and so, you breath. When you eat, you assume nobody's poisoned your food. When you go anywhere not surrounded by eight inches of rective armor plating, you assume that nobody has a fifty calibre anti-materiel rifle pointed at your skull.


Everybody makes a million billion assumptions, and nothing bad happens. Why, then, does this phrase exist?


Answer: it's an escape clause. If you're too much of a whiny little bitch to grow a pair of balls, and admit that you fucked up, you blame it on false assumptions. If you're too much of a whiny little bitch to grow a pair of balls and tell somebody else that they fucked up, you blame it on false assumptions. If you're trying to be an annoying little bitch and piss somebody off (namely me) then you spout this piece of shit, meaningless phrase.


I'm not an angry guy. I know, I haven't given that impression here, but this is something that just bothers me, you know why? People hide behind it. Moronic, non-planning people use this to hide their incompetence by making others' failures seem like such a mind-numbingly simple mistake that whatever that idiot has screwed up in the past seems like an actual problem rather than stupidity.

People use it to try to make themselves smarter. They use it to bring others down. They use it to make themselves bigger by comparison.

Nobody likes feeling stupid. Everybody does, at one point or another. If you have never felt like a complete and utter moron, even for a moment, then you are a complete and utter moron all the time.

When one starts a sentence with "I assume that-" and is immediately cut off by this niggling little piece of shit kernel of language, they feel like a moron. They feel as if they've just made a mistake so elementary that kindergarteners would know better than to commit it. Conversely, this makes the person on the other end of the conversation seem more intelligent, better, by comparison.


Prove your intellect by utilizing your intellect.

Don't hide behind this. Point out the flaws in the other's reasoning, reveal the issues behind their plan, but don't use some prefabricated excuse for a logical argument. In the words of Dara O'Briain, "Get in the fucking sack".


Sometimes, yes, assumptions lead to mistakes. This is the way of all things. The simplest, even, of assumptions - one day, you'll assume that nobody is going to step out from behind that van parked by the roadside and then you'll be proven wrong.


The way to prevent this?

It's not to eschew assumptions in all forms, to label them as some blasphemous, leperous pariah of reasoning.


The solution is: THINK!


If you take a moment to think about anything, then you will make fewer mistakes, and the ones you make will at least be legitimate.


In short, don't be a bitch.

Don't hide.

Say that a specific assumption is faulty. Don't blanket them with the statement above.

Don't be a moron.


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