Comic 246 - Squidly Sunday: Alive!!!

16th May 2011, 3:37 AM
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From now on, a standing offer: points for every reference you can name.

I say:

Jrade 16th May 2011, 3:37 AM edit delete
Yes, I got a stuffed Squidly in the mail! It was made by the awesome and inimitable Silver Streak! You should go read her comic right now.

So, on the laptop front, it certainly seems to be falling slowly to pieces.

On another front, so do I.

My head hurts, much, but that's not what I found interesting...when brushing my teeth, I noticed that my left eye looked a little odd in the mirror. I looked closer, and discovered some sort of burst blood vessel in my sclera. Awesome. Also my head hurts. Also, I can't sleep. Also I apparently bit my tongue in my sleep. I think I overextended a finger or two at the competition, too.

I am a veritable picture of health.

...but hey! Given that I have this thing, now, and also a camera, from now on, Sundays will be Squidly Sundays! Basically, I'll put him somewhere in the world, and take a picture of him. This will continue until I cannot find a good place anymore.

Well, goodnight then (hopefully).

Long author's comment today, eh? I'd be willing to wager the longest in a fair while...


People say:

Silver Streak 16th May 2011, 6:11 AM edit delete reply
Silver Streak
YAY! It is Squidly!

There are alot of places in the should be able to do that for a good bit!

Assuming he doesn't fall apart from that shoddy craftmanship....

Assuming you don't fall apart from overloading yourself...

There are alot of assumptions in this scenario aren't there?
Kimmy 16th May 2011, 6:49 AM edit delete reply
That's awesome! Good job, Streak!

I'm looking forward to Squidly Sundays!!
Guest 20th May 2011, 12:40 PM edit delete reply
's avatar Wait - how did you bite your tongue in the sleep you're *not* getting? Are you sure someone else didn't bite it for you and you didn't notice?


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