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I'm mainly doing this so that I will feel like I've tried and I'm doing something to help. I don't know if anyone will look here, or if they will follow my suggestions, but at least I can rest well knowing that I did my best.



No, wait...scratch that...I'm an insomniac...


Could have something to do with me reading so many webcomics...




I think you should read (if you don't already) the following:

TOGM (The Other Grey Meat) [buy a T-shirt from them or something, they're not self-sufficient yet!]

QC (Questionable Content)

C&H (Cyanide and Happiness)

S*P (Something Positive)

GWS (Girls With Slingshots)

XKCD (Uhh...Ecks Kay Sea Dee?)

the Sharing Machine Comics (Sorry, you'll need to use the bar at the top once you get there)

BOB - Book of Biff

GSICD (Good Sir I Cannot Draw)

GG - Greener Grass

GH - Garden Hose

MTIE - My TV Is Evil (No, not My Television)

AF - Angry Faerie (trust me on this one)

TP - Teacher's Pet



As well as, of course, by extension and proxy all webcomics, books, websites, videos, or questionable hygiene practices endorsed on these sites.


This list updated when I remember, and find reason.


If you're not here, and you're hurt, I'm sorry. I'm only awake for twenty to twenty two hours a day, I can't read everything. Next time I lose those extra two hours, I'l happily give your site a read, provided I have some means or method of getting there.


If you're not here, and you're not hurt, harm, no foul, right?


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